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Complete Guide to Instagram Hashtags 2020

We've noticed that sometimes our customers can struggle with Instagram Hashtags so Miranda has put together a Complete Guide for Instagram Hashtags 2020!

This informative blog should give you the tools you need to improve your hashtags!

Complete Guide to Instagram Hashtags 2020

What different hashtags are there and what are they used for?

  1. Product and service hashtags: These are simple key words that describe the product or service you are showcasing e.g. #plants 

  2. Niche hashtags: these are more specific hashtags and show where you might fit in your industry e.g. #newmum or #fashionblogger 

  3. Community hashtags: as you may know already there are many communities on Instagram and hashtags help you find and joint them. #dogsofinstagram or #gardenersofinstagram 

  4. Special event or seasonal hashtags: these are simply the time of year e.g. #summertime or can relate to the national day holidays like #nationalbestfriendsday 

  5. Location hashtags: a location hashtag can be great for customers trying to search a place to eat in an area e.g. #manchestereats  

  6. Daily hashtags: Most days have their own hashtags like #mondaymotivation and #throwbackthursday 

  7. Relevant phrase hashtags: these hashtags combine product hashtags, niche hashtags and community hashtags. They help you to identify people to connect with through phrases they use like #amwriting 

  8. Acronym hashtags: #TBT for Throwback Thursday is a great example of this. 

  9. Emoji hashtags: these hashtags can include emojis on their own or with text too. 

How many hashtags should I use?

You can use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post and up to 10 on your Instagram story and we suggest that you use as many as you want/need! The key is finding relevant hashtags to your business or product.  

Where should I put them?

We get a lot of customers asking us whether it is better to post the hashtags in the caption or the comments. It’s totally your choice as there is no difference in functionality. However, if you are worried about your post looking to ‘spammy’, if you post your hashtags in the comments section, they will quickly get buried once you get a few user comments. Another way to hide your hashtags in the caption is to use full stops and press enter or return on your device. This means the hashtags won’t show up unless the viewer clicks more.. 

How to find Trending Hashtags on Instagram?

It’s always a good idea to hop on the trending hashtags if they are relevant to you or your business! Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t show trending hashtags as such but you can see how often a hashtag is used which uncovers it’s popularity.  

How do I find the Perfect Hashtags for my Brand?

Look at what you competitors are using. This can help you figure out what will work for you in the industry.  

Track what your customers are using for hashtags. The majority of Instagram customers will find you through searching hashtags therefore it’s vital you know what they are searching to be visible in the right places. 

Creating your Own Branded Hashtag

Creating your own unique brand hashtag which you use throughout your social media’s can be great to create your own community. Pop it in your bio and let your customers know to use it when they post about your products. To get the hashtag started you could start a competition where it is mandatory to include the hashtag in the customers posts and user generated content. 

Are there Any Hashtags I Should Stay Clear of?

Try to avoid banned and spammy hashtags. When inappropriate content becomes associated with a hashtags, Instagram normally ban it which means it become a little be useless. So, make sure to check the hashtag out before you use it if you think it might be banned.  

Try to stay away from any hashtags that shamelessly facilities likes and followers e.g. #like4like #follow4follow #tagsforlikes. These will attract spammers and you won’t attract meaningful accounts engaging with you. You also don’t want to be seen engaging in spammy behaviour, it’s not trustworthy. 

An Instagram Post Example -

Description in Instagram Post: “Our customers love to jog with your dogs but sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect lead. We all know how important it is to have a lead suited to your pooch! We have a wide range of bespoke leads and harnesses in our shop, so head over to our website to get 10% off your first order!” 

Product hashtags: #dogs #dog #doglife #doglead #dogharness #bespokeleads 

Niche hashtags: #running #iloverunning #dogtraining #traildog #trailrunning #mushing 

Industry hashtags: #dogsofinstagram #dogrunners #canicross #dogrunning #instadog 

Special event or seasonal hashtags: #christmasgifts #doggift #christmas #christmaspuppy #christmas #xmasdogs 

Location hashtags: #manchesterdogs #dogsofmanchester  

Daily hashtags: #mondaymotivation #morningrun #runoftheday 

Relevant phrase hashtags: #iloverunning #runningwithmydog  

Emoji hashtags: # 🐶 

If you do need any extra help with hashtags or you’d like to ask us any questions about social media please do get in touch, we are always happy to help! Our email is info@dynamic-loops.com.

If this has all gone over your head, please do not fret, we do sell 30 hashtags for £30.

By Miranda Marshall, 09/12/2020

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